Mohamed Shahin Talking about the history of Mahmuod Reda!!

Born on 18 March 1930 in Cairo, Egypt, Mahmoud Reda is a pioneer of dance theatre in Egypt. Soloist, choreographer and director of hundreds of productions, Mahmoud Reda has toured in more than 60 countries, performing on the world's most prestigious stages. He has also been principal actor, dancer and choreographer in popular Egyptian films.

A participant in the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, Mahmoud Reda represented Egypt in gymnastics after winning a gold medal in free exercise at The Arab Countries Championships Alexandria in 1950 .

Mahmud Reda was student of Ali Reda. At the time, Ali Reda was dancing salsa, merengue, tango, waltz and other Latin American dances and Mahmoud Reda liked to work with him. As member of his company, Mahmoud Reda stood out as a fast learnerOne day a group of Argentinean folkdance came to Cairo to performing in nightclubs.

The group needed a dancer so Mahmoud Reda began working with them and he learning all of their dances.Thus, he began dancing Argentinean folklore and traveled with the troupe to many countries. When his contract ended he returned to Cairo.

He was asking himself, “Why I am not dancing Egyptian folklore?” And so he had the idea of creating an Egyptianfolklore group.

Mahmoud Reda told his friends at the Heliopolis sport club about his idea; they thought it was a great idea and they all helped him put it in place.

Mahmoud Reda began traveling to every town in Egypt from South to North, East to West. He wanted to see everything about his own country: How people lived, acted, dressed, moreover, how they danced.

He had his cassette-recording camera with him at all the time; he was also photographing the people and recording the music.

Mahmoud Reda took the most important elements from each town in Egypt to create his own dance, thus creating Egyptian dance folklore to be put on stage.

His first show was called ‘Ah Yaleil Yazaman’. Naeema Aakf worked on his first show as a soloist. After that Mahmoud Reda started forming his own group called ‘Reda Egyptian Folklore Troupe’, hiring dancers from the University where he was studying.

In 1959 he founded the first folk dance company, The Reda Band, which consisted only of 15 members, all dancers. Today, it has more than 150 talented members including dancers, musicians and technicians. They traveled all over Egypt and then abroad.

As a soloist, choreographer and director, Mahmoud Reda made four world tours to 58 countries with his troupe. He performed on the world's most prestigious stages Mahmoud Reda has created a lot of the famous Egyptian folklore dances and shows; he has worked with very professional people.

The troupe had Ali Reda as the director and Ali Ismail as the main music composer. Farida Fahmy was the principal dancer of Mahmoud Reda troupe and she created the costumes for the dancers. Mahmoud Reda was choreographer, director and everything else needed in the troupe.

Once the group became famous, Mahmoud Reda made movies starring the Reda troupe and showcasing Egyptian folklore.

The most famous movies he did are ‘Love in Karnak’ and ‘ mid year Vacation ’. Both movies are about the troupe--how it began-- and how Mahmoud Reda was the originator of Egyptian Folklore as we still know it today.

All dancers in Egypt and around the world are learning his dance and history.