Mohamed Shahin NYC “Dance Like an Egyptian”  Weekend–June 9th & 10th 2012


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Dance Like an Egyptian 2012


Mohamed Shahin

2-Day "Authentic Egyptian” workshop
Technique + Choreography

NYC June 9th & 10th, 2012

Saturday, June 9th 2012  12 – 3pm
Sunday,   June 10th  2012  12 – 3pm

Pearl Studios NYC
500 8th Avenue, 4th Floor New York, NY 10018
Room: 1214

Saturday: “Classic Egyptian Song”
In 3 hours you will learn a complete choreography to the Egyptian Classic song - “Enta Mien” performed by Safaa Farid. This is a beautiful classic Oriental song for Egyptian style Belly Dance. Full of Egyptian feeling and complete with drum breaks, instrumental solos, and of course the wonderful vocal stylings of Safaa Farid- this classic Egyptian song is a perfect piece to perform Raqs Sharqi to. In this choreography- there are many hand gestures and body movements that you will learn that translate the music and the words into body language and captures the essence of Egyptian Style Belly Dance. Mohamed will break down the choreography into sections and teach the technique behind it. Come and enjoy this inspirational workshop.

Sunday: “Shaabi – Cairo Street Danding”
Shaabi” is a name for style of living, a style of dance, and a style of music. In Egyptian Arabic, the word Shaabirefers to the poorer, lower standard sections of the city of Cairo. The closest English equivalent to the word Shaabi would be "ghetto." The name came to characterize the style of music enjoyed in such neighborhoods. You will usually hear Shaabi music played everywhere throughout Cairo- in taxis and buses, in your favorite falafel shops, and lively street weddings. This style of music is somewhat rougher and more playful than the rest of Egyptian pop music. Truly, Shaabi is the music of the Egyptian people.
Mohamed will teach a funny yet meaningful choreography that will have you coming back for more.   Mohamed will breakdown the technique and explain all of the hand gestures in the choreography.  He will also provide a translation of the song lyrics.


Workshop Packages
Payment: The workshops can be taken either as a single day or as a weekend course.  Payment is accepted via cash, personal check or PayPal.  If paying by PayPal, an additional fee of 4% must be included.


Early Bird Special: $165.00 cash/check BEFORE May 28th 2012
Paypal: $171.00 Total, includes PayPal fee Pay Pal
At the door: $190.00

Early Bird Special: $85.00 cash/check BEFORE May 28th 2012
Paypal: $88.00 Total, includes PayPal fee Pay Pal
At the door: $100.00

No refunds

Please send payment via Pay Pal to mokha28@yahoo.com

Or, make personal checks out to:

Mohamed Shahin
83-10 35th Avenue Apt 6P
Jackson Heights NY 11372.
New York USA

For any questions and/or to register please email Mohamed Shahin at mokha28@yahoo.com or call 347-432-0360

Please include a message with your full name and the day(s) you would like to attend.  For more information on upcoming workshops and events, please visit Mohamed Shahin’s web site www.mohamedshahin.net or call 347-532-0360
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NYC Weekend 2012